Phoenix™ Bio-Char Soil Amendment

Stabilized Carbon for a Healthier Environment

In ancient Greek folklore, the phoenix is a long-lived bird associated with the sun, that cyclically regenerates itself and achieves new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.

So it is also for our new product Phoenix™ Bio-Char. Suitable clean biomass is processed with intense heat in a carefully controlled process called pyrolysis to create a highly useful and beneficial carbon soil amendment. Carbon in this form will remain stable in the environment for hundreds of years thus giving new life to dead organic materials.

Using Bio-Char to improve the health and productivity of soils is a practice that has been around a very long time. Recent excavations in the Amazon basin region show that early indigenous people used Bio-Char and organic fertility amendments to improve yields in their food production areas. These food production areas where the native soils were enhanced to a high degree with Bio-Char and added fertility amendments are called “terra preta” which translates to “dark earth”.

Now: a new day, a new era, is dawning. There is an urgent need to restore the health of our agricultural soils, do all we can to keep excess nutrients out of our waters, and mitigate climate change.

Ever-Green Inc’s stabilized carbon soil amendment, Phoenix™ Bio-Char will be available starting this spring to homeowners, gardeners, and landscapers throughout Eastern Iowa who would like to enhance and improve the health and productivity of the soils they work with.

Ever-Green will start the 2021 season offering our Phoenix™ Bio-Char soil amendment in convenient 5-gallon pails for folks to try out. Look to us in the future to add to our line up of Phoenix™ Bio-Char products.

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