Phoenix™ Bio-Char Soil Amendment

Benefits of Phoenix™ Bio-Char Soil Amendment

Every living thing on this planet is in large part a carbon-based life form, including us. All living things from microbes on up, live and die as part of an ever ongoing “carbon cycle”.

How Phoenix™ Bio-Char Will Improve Your Soil
  • Reduces compaction and reduces the bulk density of soil, leading to improved tilth and texture of soil.
  • Improves soil health by promoting increased microbial life and biodiversity through increased microbial habitat.
  • Acts like a sponge and increases the water holding capacity of your soil.
  • Stabilizes soil nutrients, making them more bio-available to plants.
  • Reduces leaching of soil nutrients out of plant root zones and into ground water.
  • Reduces soil acidity and buffers pH.
  • Improves electrical conductivity of soil leading to better nutrient and mineral bioavailability and uptake.
Suggestions to Move Forward

There is a wealth of information available to you on the internet. The subject of bio-char, including study of the carbon cycle as it relates to growing plants, is wide and deep. You can delve into these subjects lightly or “go deep”.

With regard to investing in bio-char for your garden; think about starting out with (1) five-gallon pail (that’s about ¾ of 1 cubic foot) for $50.00. That amount of Phoenix™ Bio-Char would be approximately 5 percent by volume in half (4’ x 4’) of a typical 4’ x 8’ = 32 square foot raised garden bed that’s 12 inches deep.

Use two pails if you want to add 5 percent bio-char to a full 4’ x 8’ garden bed that is 12 inches deep.

Once installed bio-char isn’t going anywhere for a VERY long time.

One thing we are certain of: Over time it will help you grow!