Our Other Websites

Over time Ever-Green has diversified into various specialty markets. Where there is a need we try to provide a solution.

Two areas of particular interest, involving specialized products produced by Ever-Green Inc., warrant their own websites.

Playmate® Play Area Wood Chips®
Ever-Green Inc. is the sole manufacturer and distributor of Playmate® Play Area Wood Chips®. During the past 15 years or so our product has earned it's reputation as the "gold standard" in loose fill playground safety surfacing.
Our product has its own website which you should review carefully prior to using the product.
For quotes call 319-395-0144

ECOLINKS™ Unitized Erosion Control Socks
Ever-Green Inc. manufactures and distributes ECOLINKS™ Unitized Erosion Control Socks. Sediment control prior to starting a construction project is now required by law. Our product is an economical, effective, easier alternative to silt fencing.
We have an increasing array of other useful erosion control products as well.
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